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latest news

De-railing Marvellous Melbourne

19 Feb 2020

If we don't seriously invest in our rail network, including fast regional rail, we will rob Melbourne of its most liveable qualities and instead, watch as rampant population growth continues to stretch the outer urban boundaries of the city, geographicall

The tunnel builds capacity

12 Feb 2020

Why is a tunnel so important? It may not be easy to immediately understand why 6-7 kms of rail tunnel is so important to the future of our region. Here's why...

Welcome to 2020 - A year of Possibilities

23 Jan 2020

Happy new year and on behalf of Committee for Ballarat, we wish you a cracking 2020. So very sadly, the start of the year has been catastrophic for so many communities and I am sure we have all felt the shock of the destruction caused by the fires over