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State Election Scorecard

26 Nov 2014

In March 2014, we launched our State Election Strategy document, “Advancing Ballarat & Western Region - preparing for growth” On behalf of our members, we have worked to secure much needed funding for key projects so that we continue to enable sustainable long term social and economic growth in our region.

Committee has been strongly advocating all tiers of government for the activation of the BWEZ precinct, revitalisation of the CBD precinct including the relocation of a State Government Department; and establishment a major sports and entertainment precinct at Eureka Stadium. A series of funding announcements have been made through the May 2014 budget process and also commitments have been made by both sides of politics in the lead up to the State Election to be held this Saturday. An update of these pledges and commitments is contained in this scorecard. 

Click here to download the scorecard 

Click here to download Advancing Ballarat & Western Region - Preparing for Growth strategy document

As an apolitical organisation, we are proud of the advocacy role Committee has played in presenting a united and consistent message to both Government and the Opposition in securing these commitments.

Over the ensuing months we will work with all three tiers of government, including local members, to ensure the timely implementation of their commitments. In 1st Quarter 2015, we will be conducting a series of key issues workshops with our members where we will review the outcome of the State Election, refine our Strategic Action Plan and prioritise our work for the year ahead.