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Ballarat's Water Future - have your say

10 Jun 2014

It’s time to add your voice to this important discussion about the water future of Ballarat and our region. The Living Ballarat Draft Water Strategy was launched in Ballarat on 3 June 2014 by the Minister for Water, Peter Walsh. Scroll down for more information on this project including the role Committee has played.

We strongly encourage all members to review the document and give your feedback on the draft strategy. Hard copies of the Draft Strategy and Executive Summary are available from the Committee for Ballarat office…
call 5332 1240 or read online… go to

How to have your say

The 6-week community consultation process s being conducted by the Living Ballarat Project Team and runs until Friday 18 July. More dates will be added as they are confirmed.

Attend a community forum
Tuesday 24 June, 5 to 6pm
Mining Exchange, 14 Lydiard Street Nth
Register at… <>  

Attend a drop-in session

Saturday 21 June,
between 10am and 4pm
Mining Exchange, 14 Lydiard Street Nth
No need to register – just drop in  

Take part in a webinar

Thursday 26 June,
at 1pm and at 7.30pm
register at… <>  

Complete the questionnaire – 5 key questions

Go to… <>  

Complete the water use survey – only 3  ‘tick the box’ questions

We encourage everyone to complete this very quick survey on, “How water efficient is your neighbourhood?”
Go to…  

Make a formal submission

Go to… <>  

What is the Living Ballarat Project?

This project gives our regional community the opportunity to have a say in how we secure our water future and how local water sources are used. It involves the development of a whole-of-water-cycle strategy tailored to the circumstances and needs of our region. A framework is being ‘co-designed’ (using input from stakeholders and the local community) that will integrate planning for water systems into planning for construction/redevelopment of buildings, neighbourhoods and precincts in growth areas in our region.

The Living Ballarat Project is the first in a planned series of regional strategies.  

Why is it important?

We want to secure water supply for our region into the future. By choosing the ‘right water for the job’, we can secure our drinking water supplies, improve the health of our waterways and reduce flooding. This will, in turn, help us to keep our region green, liveable and prosperous.  

What are the key themes?

These key themes were identified at the first co-design workshop held in Ballarat in May 2013.

1.    Water for greener neighbourhoods and public spaces:  Water for attractive green urban environments with a focus on green cities and towns, trees, gardens, recreational access to water bodies and sustained quality of open spaces during dry periods. This has strong links to the identity and liveability of Ballarat. *This theme was identified as the highest priority.

2.     Water for healthy waterways 

3.     Water for a prosperous economy  

What role has Committee played?

Committee’s Sustainable Living Task Team (formerly Secure, Sustainable Water) has been working since 2006 to secure a sustainable water supply for Ballarat and the region. Committee is actively involved in the Living Ballarat project through participation in the Project Control Board and Technical Working Groups. We would like to thank the members of our Sustainable Living team for their contribution to this project to date.

The Project Control Board includes Tony Chew (former Chair, Committee for Ballarat) and John Kilgour (CEO, Committee for Ballarat). The Technical Working Group includes Peter Tadgell (Chair, Sustainable Living Task Team), Jeff Haydon (Central Highlands Water), Ian Rossiter (former member of the Sustainable Living task team) and representatives from City of Ballarat.