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NBN now ready for 12,000 in the Ballarat area

14 Feb 2014

The National Broadband Network (NBN) now passes more than 12,000 homes, businesses and properties across the Ballarat area (see map). Ballarat is one of the lead regional cities in Australia to receive roll-out of the NBN.

The NBN fixed wireless network, covering 9,900 properties just outside of Ballarat, was switched on in late 2013 and fibre connections are expected to go live for another 7,000 premises in coming months.

Committee for Ballarat has been strongly advocating an accelerated roll-out of the NBN to support business investment and innovation in our region. With our population on a strong and accelerating trajectory (an additional 30,000 over the next 15 years), planning for this growth must include work to improve mobile and IT data connectivity across the region.

Committee will continue to advocate education programs to develop awareness about the opportunities that NBN offers for a broad and diverse cross-section of residents in the region.

The NBN is an upgrade to Australia’s existing telecommunications network. It is designed to provide Australians with access to fast, affordable and reliable internet services, as well as phone services, as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.

This will bring a range of benefits for our regional communities. It has the potential to help address the medical gap between urban and regional Australian through access to interactive consultations by medical professionals. It is also a powerful tool that has the potential to open up a world of new possibilities for regional communities to connect with the wider world, whether they use it for connecting with education and work opportunities or with family.

Ballarat NBN footprint picure key

Purple overlay - Ready for Service

Brown overlay - Build instructions issued

For more information visit or visit the NBN Co information kiosk at Central Square Shopping Centre until 16 February 2014. For a copy of this brief click [HERE]