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Civic Hall site - position statement

10 Oct 2013

At the Ballarat City Council meeting on Wednesday 25 September, Councillors voted 6-3 to support a vision for the Civic Hall site that requires the full demolition of the Civic Hall building. A Notice of Motion to rescind Resolution R356/13 was made by Cr Belinda Coates and further submissions were made at the Council meeting conducted on Wednesday 9 October 2013. The final vote was the same as the previous vote at 6-3.

Committee for Ballarat CEO John Kilgour made a series of representations on behalf of Committee following a survey conducted with members in August 2013. He spoke in support of  City of Ballarat’s strategic aspiration for the Civic Hall precinct to deliver a vision that aims to see Ballarat develop into a vibrant and exciting city; a vision that embraces our proud cultural heritage but equally aspires to deliver a thriving retail, commercial, educational, cultural and recreational precinct. The recent member survey reaffirmed Committee’s May 2012 position statement - to activate the City Hall precinct, to unlock its full potential and to create a sense of place indicative of a major regional city such as Ballarat - a place that is progressive and forward thinking; a place that is respectful of its cultural significance but where this does not become a “barrier for change”; a place whose potential is not compromised; and a place where we can be truly proud to live, work and recreate.

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