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Farewell to Chair, Nick '59 minute' Beale

14 Jun 2019

After a busy and successful year at the helm, Nick Beale will step down from his role as Chair of Committee for Ballarat at the end of June.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve as Chair for Committee and I have greatly appreciated the support of members, the Board and the team at Committee. It is pleasing to reflect on the work Committee has undertaken during my time on the Board and as Chair and to know our advocacy and influence is effective in delivering real results,” Mr Beale said.

He said that Ballarat and region has a key advantage in its advocacy with its strong and united regional voice – this has resulted in attracting more than $2billion of investment into the region over the past three budgets.

Deputy Chair, Rodney Walton acknowledged Nick’s strong and passionate leadership. “I would like to thank Nick for his important contributions to the work of Committee for Ballarat, particularly in the area of rail connectivity. Nick will continue his strong advocacy in this area,” he said.

Looking ahead, Mr Walton said Committee looks forward to welcoming a new Chair who will contribute to the ongoing thought leadership and identifying the game changing projects for Ballarat and the region over the next decade.

“We remain clear and strong in pursuing our vision for a stronger and better Ballarat and region and our resolution to contribute to the work needed to achieve this,” he said.

“Our region has an exciting future ahead. Our challenge is how we deal with that growth in a way which respects our heritage and beauty but also embraces the future.”