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Cricket Harrow - Pitcha Makin Fellas

21 Mar 2019

Following Sir Bob’s visit to their gallery The Pitcha Makin Fellas, Ted Laxton (visual artist), Adrian Rigney (visual artist), Peter-Shane Rotumah (visual artist) and Peter Widmer (group Coordinator/Assistant), the fellas showcased a piece of their artwork at the dinner.

The Pitcha Makin Fellas is an award-winning art collective of Koori men whose ancestors come from a number of language groups across South -East Australia. The Fellas create vibrant expressions of their personal histories and stories as Aboriginal men. Humour is an important part of making art, inviting the viewer to open their eyes to the history of this nation.

The artwork titled ‘Harrow Cricket’ was inspired by Adrian (Louie) who has played cricket in the Horsham Cricket Association for almost 20 years. There he also captained a team of Aboriginal cricketers for several seasons. Louie has played in commemorative cricket matches in Harrow representing the team of Johnny Mullagh, one of the most famous players in the Aboriginal team that toured England in 1868. Cricket has featured in Louie’s life, and he continues to play competitive cricket in Victoria.

Creating the border of the piece in their unique style during the night, while guests looked on, the sensational piece was completed by Sir Bob placing his hand print on the border.

The piece was sold during a silent auction at dinner, with the winning bid going to Jim & Jacqui Nolan. The Nolans were attracted to the piece because "at first glance, it’s a cricket match. Look deeper and it speaks to so many things that connect us all: sport , history, art, the earth, spirituality and about mortality. The colours are bright and beautiful, and the story it tells evokes connections and reconciliation. It’s a credit to the Pitcha Makin Fellas."