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Sir Bob Geldof Uniting Us for Change

15 Feb 2019

As Committee for Ballarat members prepare to welcome Sir Bob Geldof to Ballarat next month, we asked the political activist and change-maker to share his thoughts on innovation for change.

How can people use their creativity and passion to make a positive impact on their community in the face of negativity or resistance to change?

Commit themselves to the change they wish to see. Find a plausible means to articulate, advertise or otherwise demonstrate the viability and means to make that change. Gather a group of like-minded people about them. Go for it!

How important is it for a city to think innovatively and outside the norm?

As it is for any structured organisation. The tendency of the bureaucrat is toward bureaucracy. While this is vital up to a point, it will ultimately lead to a stifling of initiatives that any living structure requires. Ideas are the raw material of innovation. Innovation is the point where society and its culture come together. That is the very essence of a thriving city.

As a passionate supporter of the arts, how do you see arts and culture as enriching the landscape of a city?

See above. I live in London – that madcap experiment of globalisation. It throws together randomly literally hundreds of languages and all their attendant philosophies, theologies, jokes, plays, poems, customs and clothes and jumbles them around in this great tumbling laundrette of ideas. The unseen, unnoticed bashing together of differing ideas of what it is to be alive made manifest in art. It defines any city worth the name. London is forever thrilling. I love living in it.

We can’t wait to hear more from Sir Bob at our Round Table Dinner.

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