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Sir Bob Geldof to speak to members

05 Dec 2018

Committee for Ballarat is so very proud and so very excited to bring political activist and philanthropist Sir Bob Geldof to Ballarat in March 2019 to address members at an exclusive Round Table Dinner.

Sir Bob Geldof, knighted at the age of 34, quite simply changed the direction of the world by using his voice and his influence. He brought the idea of a social conscience to the world and knew that the voice and action of people was far louder and more powerful than that of government.

In 1985, he dreamed big and was relentless and passionate in his pursuit to end hunger. Bringing together Sir Elton John, David Bowie, Queen, Madonna, Sting, Santana, Beach Boys, Mick Jagger, Duran Duran, U2, The Who, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and many many more he united an industry and the world to raise over $127 million in 1985 for famine relief . But, more importantly, the publicity it generated made Western countries make available enough surplus grain to end the immediate crisis. Such is the value of leadership. His passion for making a difference has never stopped. He still argues that attitudes towards solving social issues, towards political leadership needs to change radically, believing what the world needs today is innovative thinking and a leader unwilling to submit to a world which they disagree with. And he still maintains that “the individual is not powerless in the face of monstrosity".

One of the lesser known facts about Sir Bob Geldof is that his net worth is estimated to be A$270 million. He has over the years become a successful businessman, and we look forward to hearing his learnings as to how we can become a "Boomtown" again!

Ballarat, we must use our voice, our influence and our passion for our city to create our future. To quote Sir Bob Geldof, “You must make the world the way you want to see it. You can’t be just complacent. Go out create new things … by making your world, you change the world. Don’t just sit behind a desk.”

Why is Sir Bob Geldof coming to Ballarat? The answer – why not? We must learn to challenge ourselves, be willing to shake things up, be willing to fight a cause, and be willing to align for the purpose of getting things done.

Sir Bob Geldof is being hosted by Committee for Ballarat to inspire us and provoke us to question what is our legacy. How do we use our voice, our influence and our networks to create a better community, a better city, and a better region. We all have the ability to have a voice and to show leadership.

The dinner is a member-exclusive event. Ticketing information will be sent to all members in December 2018.