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Nick Beale Takes Over the Reins as Committee for Ballarat Chair

15 Aug 2018

After three years as Chair of Committee for Ballarat, Janet Dore handed over the reins to Chair-Elect Nick Beale at Committee for Ballarat’s Board Meeting on Wednesday 8 August 2018

It was Janet’s passion for regional cities and their potential which motivated her to take on the role of Chair. During her tenure, she has been a relentless advocate for the region. She has challenged conventional thinking and encouraged the community to think big and to be positive and proud of their region, a region that is so much more than gold.

“We have to stop looking to the outside to solve our problems, harness what we have and build a vibrant and liveable city of the future. The moment is now for Ballarat and the region to stand up, and to be proud of who we are and what we can be,” Ms Dore said.

“I have been honoured to have served in the position of Chair for Committee and have greatly appreciated the support of members and the team at Committee. It is pleasing to reflect on the work Committee has undertaken in my time as Chair and to know our advocacy and influence is effective. Nick’s leadership will ensure that continues into the future.”

Nick Beale steps into the position of Chair with clear understanding of the role that Committee needs to play in progressing the region. He said, “As a member of the Committee for Ballarat Board for the past three years, I have developed a deep appreciation for the region and its potential, and the important role that Committee needs to play in guiding and progressing key projects and programs that are of economic and social benefit to our region.”

Mr Beale has already established his reputation as a driver of connectivity improvements in Ballarat. Many around town will know him as "59-minute Nick".

He has experience leading in times of change, both locally and internationally. “I think Ballarat is in a state of change,” Mr Beale said. “The issue for me is how we deal with that growth in a way which maintains the historical perspective and beauty with the new. The future for Ballarat and the region is very exciting. I want to continue to push the area of long-term thought leadership to ensure we are at the leading edge of innovation, technology and wellbeing.”