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latest news

Our Priorities - State Election 2018

07 Jun 2018

Committee's priorities for the state election, to be held in November this year, have been developed from the recently revised strategic plan and have been finalised after input from our members.
The four main areas that have been identified, each with specific requests, are as follows:

• Sunshine to be the interchange station for the proposed airport rail link (to service the Ballarat and Geelong lines)
• $1.2b – Electrification and quadrification of the rail line between Sunshine and Melton (to make Melton part of the metro network)
• At least one 59-minute express service during peak times between Ballarat and Southern Cross stations
• Additional rolling stock

National Centre of New Energy Future
• $11m – Establishment of a national renewable energy training centre in Ballarat
• $302m for additional 220 kV transmission line capacity to congested parts of the western Victorian network

• Relocation of a state government department to the Ballarat CBD
• $80m – Ballarat Link Road Stage 2

• $220k for three years – Leadership Ballarat & Western Region Leaders Forum program
• $20m for Her Majesty's Theatre restoration ($5 state contribution)
• $1.5m for construction of a food distribution hub within BWEZ

We will be relentlessly advocating for our region and will develop a scorecard of commitments to ensure members are fully informed along the journey until November.

You can view the full priorities document here