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Melton Train Line Upgrade Listed Among Nation's Top Priorities

28 Mar 2018

The nation's peak infrastructure body has again highlighted the urgent need to get commuters from the outer western suburbs off regional trains in its latest priority list.

On Tuesday, Infrastructure Australia listed “upgrading the Melton line to expand capacity to service additional demand associated with the growing population” as a medium-term priority to be completed within five to 10 years.

While an improved rail service to the city’s expanding western suburbs has long been discussed and has previously been listed as a priority by both the state and federal peak infrastructure bodies, a formal business case is yet to be developed.

Committee for Ballarat connectivity chairman Nick Beale, who has been a vocal campaigner for a 59-minute Ballarat to Melbourne service, said to The Courier that any upgrade needed to ensure regional and metropolitan lines were entirely separated.

“(The timeline) is in line with what Committee for Ballarat has outlined, but we would like to see it on the five-year side of five to 10 years,” Mr Beale said. “However with electrification must come the separation of V/Line and metro lines.”

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