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latest news

Members take their place at the Table!

26 Oct 2017

What an excellent way to start the day. Yesterday (Wednesday 25 October) we had approximately 70 members participate in our Take your Place at the Table workshop. 

Corporate member The Forge Pizzeria certainly made us feel welcome in their Housey Housey function space and overwhelmed us with the most amazing breakfast buffet. The perfect way to fuel up before our facilitator, Lynne Cazaly, put members to task on idea generation. 

Members brain stormed and shared ideas on where Ballarat and the region should be by 2040. Post-it notes and pieces of paper were flying around the room! Lynne challenged participants through various individual and group activities.  

We were very pleased to have a number of current LBWR participants attend and participate with their member employer. 

Feedback has been really positive: 

I love a good brainstorm, and I think you guys did a tremendous job trying to herd 70 people and their opinions.

Feeling on my table was, as much as we enjoy events where we come along and hear others speak it was a nice change of pace to be participating (once we all warmed up).

Today was great. It was fun and fast paced, and I am sure lots more ideas will come out of today than from previous sessions. It was great to have the participants from LBWR there as well, and the three young people at the start kicked off the morning well."

Next Friday, 3 November, our Executive, Corporate Gold and Board members will come together with Lynne to review the huge array of ideas, suggestions and challenges from yesterday. They are tasked with the huge but exciting job of pulling this together to formulate our action plan. 

With such great engagement and member contributions, it is set to be bold!

Thank you to all participants. Your passion, capacity, vision and leadership is inspiring and is at the heart of our Committee for Ballarat.