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Being Left 'on the Scrap Heap': The Harsh Reality for Some Older Jobseekers

29 Aug 2017

Social and employment groups have cautiously welcomed the trial of a new jobs program aimed at helping older Australians find work.

The federal government's $110 million Career Transition Assistance program is designed to teach people over the age of 50 how to better navigate the changing labour market while also providing training in computer skills where appropriate.

The program is being rolled out in five trial sites across Australia, including the Victorian city of Ballarat, the New South Wales Central West region, Somerset in Queensland, Perth's northern suburbs, and Adelaide's south.

The business and development group at the Victorian trial site, the Committee for Ballarat, has supported the program but was adamant that employers needed to be involved in how it was implemented.

"We need to know what the industry needs, and we need to identify those business opportunities," chief executive Melanie Robertson said.

"We've got almost 12 months to get that right, and we will continue to work with government and those players to ensure that industry are absolutely involved with planning that process out."

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