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Regional rail connectivity project gets the green light

19 Apr 2017

Commuters on the Ballarat train line are set to experience unprecedented phone signal improvement after the state government gave the green light to the $18 million mobile service upgrade along the state’s five busiest V/Line train routes.

In The Courier on 19 April 2017, Committee for Ballarat Chair Janet Dore said the issue was one of vital importance for Ballarat commuters and said the investment would play a crucial role in helping attract professionals to regional Victoria.

“Committee has been after this for a long time as part of the wider connectivity issue and we don’t care which government does it, as long as it gets done,” Ms Dore said. “If we want the regions to really take the load off Melbourne then this is key.

“So often we see people who get jobs up here have a partner who still have to go back to Melbourne, and it would be the same for people in other major regional cities around Victoria."

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