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Old concept with new jobs

29 Apr 2017

As Ballarat lobbies Canberra and Spring Street for a public service jobs boon, it's timely to look at what's needed to ensure a successful department shift.

In The Courier on 29 April 2017, the former chief executive officer of the Transport Accident Commission and now chair of Committee for Ballarat, Janet Dore, concedes that the TAC was less than pleased by the news it would be shifting from Melbourne to Geelong back in 2006.

The then-Bracks Labor government made the announcement with the promise of delivering 850 new jobs to the waterside city, as well as an economic boost of $59 million per annum.

Ms Dore said while Geelong and the state were both winners in the long term, valuable lessons were learnt from the mammoth relocation.

“We lost a lot of people but we recruited a whole new workforce in a temporary office and that started to generate a new culture,” Ms Dore said of the transition, which took over three years.

“One of the things we learnt was allowing time for people to make the decisions and getting to see the area because people are pleasantly surprised by Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong, once the advantages are pointed out to them.”

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