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Federal funding for Ballarat rail line

08 Apr 2017

Committee for Ballarat, together with a number of other advocacy groups, councils and politicians, has been lobbying the federal government to contribute funding to improve Victoria's regional rail service.

In The Courier on 8 April 2017, Committee Chair Janet Dore said that governments of all persuasions needed to acknowledge the benefits that strong regional centres would provide for the growth of cities and central to that was fast, efficient rail services. The commute between Ballarat and Southern Cross Station should be 45 minutes and that can only happen as a result of cooperation between the Victorian and federal governments.

Ararat Rural City Mayor Paul Hooper also said that both levels of government needed to contribute to big infrastructure projects that would help ease the pressure on Melbourne. Investment in rail infrastructure, although expensive, needs to be for the long term and if regional Victoria is to grow equitably with the city, then it's needed.

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