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Jobs key to our future

27 Apr 2017

Transforming our city into the heart of western Victoria relies on the ability to attract jobs, students and higher-density housing into central Ballarat.

The success of the bold CBD vision relies on the creation of up to 1000 government jobs in central Ballarat and development of first-class office facilities.

In The Courier on 11 March 2017 City of Ballarat chief executive officer Justine Linley said the lack of major jobs investment was not for lack of council pressure. “This is a council that wants to progress and wants to have activity and job creation and job generation within the central part of Ballarat,” Ms Linley said.

Committee for Ballarat chairwoman Janet Dore led the bold move of the Transport Accident Commission to a western part of Geelong’s CBD that was underutilized.

It was an enormous boost (to Geelong),” Ms Dore said. “We took 600 jobs to Geelong, the western end of the central area responded to that very well. It activated a part of the city that hadn't previously been activated – coffee shops began to spring up around us and attract really good business.”

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