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Region set for wind boom

18 Feb 2017

The Central Highlands region stands to be the big winner from the Victorian government’s ambitious new emissions target, which aims to slash the state’s emissions by 15–20 per cent on 2005 levels by 2020.

The target, which stipulates 25 per cent of energy production comes from renewable sources by 2020, puts the region in the box seat as the potential home of wind energy for the state.

In The Courier on 18 February 2017, Melbourne Energy Institute deputy director Dr Roger Dargaville said while wind power cannot completely replace the outgoing Hazelwood coal power station, it will be the preferred method for reaching the state and federal renewable energy targets.

“The incentive at the moment (from renewable energy targets) is to get the cheapest form of generation and put out the biggest hours,” Dr Dargaville said.

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