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latest news

FastTrack Ballarat

02 Mar 2016

Chair Janet Dore met with the V/Line Board and Executive Team in Ballarat last week. Below is Janet's report from the meeting:

It was a constructive and forthright meeting with the board and executive team. This board has only been together for seven months and is keen to hear about things first hand. They were very much attuned to our needs but of course stressed the fact that there are no quick fixes.

My strong position was that this year's budget needs to reflect commitment to tackling the capacity, regularity and reliability issues for both the short-term and the longer-term needs. This is all the more significant given the continuing growth on the western Melbourne fringe, the new station at Caroline Springs and major congestion on the Western Highway access to the central Melbourne area.

I’m cautiously optimistic that infrastructure will figure prominently in this year’s state government budget and that Committee’s efforts through the FastTrack project team will see some green shoots emerging.

Read more about our FastTrack Ballarat project here

Infrastructure Victoria Workshop

Meanwhile, the workshop with Infrastructure Victoria I attended this week heard directly from the CEO Michel Masson about its independence (reporting to the Governor, not the Government) and focus on common sense, innovation and courage to make the right recommendations and get the best use from existing assets before jumping to a new build solution appeared to be very refreshing and hopeful.

I encourage members to access the Infrastructure Victoria website to see details of their approach and program for submitting its recommendations in November this year. The intent is to set directions for infrastructure for the next 30 years so Committee will remain highly focused on its activities.