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Janet Dore takes over the reins as Committee for Ballarat Chair

07 Oct 2015

After three years as Chair of Committee for Ballarat, Judy Verlin AM will hand over to Janet Dore at the Committee’s AGM on Tuesday 6 October.

Following more than 10 years of distinguished service as a City of Ballarat councillor including two periods as Mayor, Ms Verlin moved directly into the role of Chair driven by her interest in significant projects in Ballarat. She will leave a legacy of taking Committee to a new high level of thought leadership and of being a relentless advocate for long-term planning that goes well beyond political cycles.

Ms Verlin is confident that incoming Chair Janet Dore is the right person to take things from here with her broad experience gained working in local government for many years and more recently as CEO of the Transport Accident Commission and Deputy Chair of Committee for Geelong.

“Janet brings the skills and experience to ensure a smooth transition. She has enormous passion and energy to drive Committee’s important work in the years ahead, " Ms Verlin said. She also said that “Ballarat currently has a number of projects receiving government funding that are now waiting to be implemented and Committee will have a watching brief on the delivery of these projects under Janet’s stewardship. She will be a fierce advocate for the future of this city and this region and I know Janet Dore is up for the challenge."

Ms Dore steps into the role of Chair with a clear understanding of the role that Committee needs to play in progressing the city. “We need to be thought leaders and our work must look beyond the horizon, while seeking strong and visionary leadership from all three tiers of government,” Ms Dore said.

Ms Dore added: “Committee has been a strong advocate in supporting the City of Ballarat to obtain much- needed funding for major projects. But the time is now to deliver on these commitments and move forward.

“We have to stop looking to the outside to solve our problems, harness what we have and build a vibrant and liveable city of the future. The moment is now for Ballarat to stand up and be proud of who we are and what we can be," Ms Dore said.

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