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Civic Hall Participatory Community Design Process

06 Aug 2015

A key milestone in the Participatory Design Process was reached on 8 July 2015 with Council passing the recommendations from the Partnership Group and Core Team noting progress that has been made during phase 1 of “the Process”, endorsing “the Process” to narrow down 10 concepts to five under phase 2, and supporting appropriate resourcing requirements for phase 2 to develop five master plans by October 2015 and phase 3 designs by March 2016.

Council endorsed progressing this project to the next phase (phase 2), which is strongly supported by Committee, and underpinned by “the process” deployed by Council and Here Studios to date, ie:

• the Open Door Studio which enabled input from approximately 2000 diverse Community and User Groups with most via face-to-face conversations
• the gathering and synthesis of ideas emanating following through the Open Door Studio process and linking these to the Ballarat Planning Strategy in the development of the 10 concepts
• matching concepts, uses and urban form through development of matrices to ensure the 10 concepts capture and align to key themes and uses derived through feedback from community and user groups
• the emergence of shared visions for the site which will support further development of future concepts. It is important that council and councillors are aligned to these shared visions
• the adoption of key actions / recommendations presented to council which covered:

- the expansion of the people or groups involved in the project
- developing direct connections to support different aspects of the project to obtain broader support
- reinforce and improve project structures, strengthening and formalising the consultation process, and providing appropriate governance for the project
- re-confirm the roles and responsibilities of the Core Team for greater clarity of authority and delivery of the project
- progress to next phase (i.e: phase 2) where the Core Team will design five concepts at a high-level master plan following the participatory community design process model being adopted
- commence architectural design of key building forms and lay the foundations for three full-concept designs (phase 3)
- continue to refine economic work including cost planning, staging and technical aspects for the project
- endorsement for methodologies and revised key project dates and timelines


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