Committee Wants Your Visionary Thinking

Committee Wants Your Visionary Thinking

Published 2 November 2018, The Courier, Ballarat

Committee for Ballarat has a proud history of achievement and is passionate about securing sustainable investment in key infrastructure and job opportunities for Ballarat and the region.

Over the past 13 years, our strong advocacy and influence has resulted in:

Committee for Ballarat uses vision, strategy, engagement and influence to help build a better future for Ballarat and the region, now and into the future.

Ballarat is well placed to capitalise on its strong population growth but it must show leadership strength and act to preserve its enviable lifestyle for future generations. Population growth can be an enormous opportunity; however, this growth must be accompanied by jobs growth, effective transport linkages, affordable housing options, and the retention of identity and our strong sense of community.

Committee for Ballarat will continue to advocate for the "non-negotiable" infrastructure projects required to service our city and wider region.

We will continue to promote a more reliable and frequent rail service with faster travel times. With full duplication, #59minuteballarat is achievable.

We are positioning  the region to take full advantage of the investment taking place in the renewable energy sector.

We are strong advocates for visionary leadership from all three tiers of government; however, business and the community also have a responsibility to be engaged, and debate and influence our future direction.

Our members are the lifeblood of our work. As a member-based organisation, Committee for Ballarat recognises that diversity of membership is critically important.

This message is a "call to action" for you to get involved, participate and become an active community member of the Committee for Ballarat.

Nick Beale
Chair, Committee for Ballarat