What would a faster, more frequent, more reliable service mean for you?


To highlight the importance of a fast and reliable rail connection to Melbourne, Committee launched its #59minuteballarat campaign. Ballarat and the region has much to offer new businesses and new residents, but what it does lack is a fast and reliable train connection to Melbourne.

While there have been improvements in our services over the past few years with the Regional Rail Link initiative and planned improvements through the Ballarat Line Upgrade project ($518 m investment by the state government), a sub-hour service to and from Melbourne is still not possible.

Get on Board – show your support

Through the campaign we are seeking the support of the public;  we are asking train users to tell their stories – why a 59-minute service is important to them, to their businesses, and their families – and to tweet their support.

Tell us your story – what would a 59-minute service mean for you? Tweet using #59minuteballarat or email us at 59minute@committeeforballarat.com

Collating community stories and using "people power", our aim is to present to the state government a compelling case to make #59minuteballarat a reality.

The Ask – how do we get to 59 minutes?

Our strategic plan recognises that better connectivity will improve productivity, create sustainable jobs, drive prosperity and build better communities across our region, and with the support of its Connectivity project team, Committee is advocating for
• at least one 59-minute train service to and from Melbourne by 2019
• at least one express service in peak times (in each direction) in that same time frame.

These are services which should be available for the regular commuter, for business people, for students, as well as for the leisure traveller on a modern-day rail network.